Alternative Semantics. Pragmatic Semantics. Deep Semantics.

altsemantics is about alternative semantics for the Web of Data.

The Web of Data has become an enormous dynamic network of typed links between data sets stored on different computers all over the world. These data sets are machine readable and unambiguously interpretable, thanks to their underlying standard representation languages, such as RDF or OWL. The expressiveness and flexibility of the publication model of Linked Data has led to its widespread adoption and an ever increasing publication of semantically rich data on the Web.

This success however has started to create serious problems as the scale and complexity of information outgrows the current methods in use, which are mostly based on database technology and expressive knowledge representation formalism such as Modal and Description Logics. While  the logical underpinning of both formalisms was key to its initial success due to its formal rigor and formal simplicity, it is becoming more and more apparent that the complexity of the world, with its contextualised views are often insufficiently understood when data is interpreted in the traditional model-theoretic view alone. In our view, alternative semantics for traditional logical languages have to be studied and exploited to allow for richer use of the immense source of knowledge the Web of Data has become.


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